Bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer fit the elongated stock ground. And this is a large load-unload equipment which is highly efficient and continuous operation of bulk materials. It is mainly used in power sector, metallurgy, building material and chemical industry for the coal and mineral’s loading and discharging at the stock ground. It has large turning radius, high efficiency, environment friendly. Because of ground transportation system cantilever bucket wheel reclaimer could be designed with different kind of tripper car. Stacker and reclaimer is widely used to stack and reclaim bulk cargoes, coal, ore etc.

Basic Structure

Cantilever bucket wheel reclaimer mainly consists of bucket-wheel structure, cantilever belt Conveyor, metal structure on the Top, rotary table, gate seat, swing mechanism, tripper car, accessory structure, rail system, lubrication system, control room.

Technical Characteristics

During the overall design, we completely follow the processes assigned by the Design Academy. And ensure the capability and capacity of the stacker and reclaimer. In the elongated stock ground, we use different stacker process base on different work condition. In circular stock ground, we use continuous synthesis of stacking way ensures the effect of homogenization.

  • 1 We use the advanced design method, such as, CAD, 3D design and optimize steel structure design. With the experience and development of making stackers and reclaimers as well as absorbing the advanced technology from foreign country we can guarantee the advanced and reasonable technology and stable equipment.
  • 2 With the advanced produce equipment and craft, such as steel pretreatment line which improves the product’s quality and anti-corrosion capability, large milling and boring machine improves quality of large parts, we could guarantee the quality of the whole product. Large-scale structural components and drive part we will test in our plant firstly. And rotary part we make by moulds.
  • 3 We use new materials, such as wear-resistance material, composite material.
  • 4 The fittings we use the first class domestic products and advanced foreign products.
  • 5 Soft start and frequency converting control will reduce the damage to the equipment.
  • 6 We set different kind of protection measures on the equipment.
  • 7 There are advanced testing measures and QC system in our plant.
  • 1 Devices adopt unmanned, automatic material stacking and taking operations, is a high degree of automation products。
  • 2 We set several of stacking and taking operations on the equipment could satisfy different work condition stock ground.
  • 3 Advanced frequency conversion adopted.
  • 4 Cooperating with the domestic universities and Design Academy in various ways that makes better efforts in developing and researching stackers and reclaimers.
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