Wagon Tippler unloading system is a high efficiency automatic railway wagons unloading equipment. Single Wagon Tippler is a basic and general bulk material unloading device which capable of tipping one wagon per cycle. This equipment is mostly applied in port, logistic base, large thermal power plant and coal industry.

Car Dumper System

C Type Single Carriage Wagon Tippler

C Type Dual Carriage Wagon Tippler

The Single Wagon Tippler unloading system has two types, Run Through type and Back Turning type, consist of following units:

◇Retracing Type——Single Wagon Tippler, Side Arm Charger, Transfer platform, Pusher, Wheel Gripper, Safety Stopper, Dust-suppression device and electrical control system.

◇Through type——Single Wagon Tippler, Side Arm Charger, Wheel Gripper, Safety Stopper, Dust- suppression device and electrical control system.

The efficiencies of Single Wagon Tippler unloading system are varied due to various configurations, the difference is significant. The Run Through type can achieve 25 to 40 (sometimes is even more) cycles per hour while the Back Turning type is able to run 20 to 30 cycles per hour. Based on the loading of each wagon, the total amount of material tipped by the wagon tippler per hour can be calculated.

Retracing type wagon tippler unloading system layout chat





① Wagon

② Car puller

③ Dual carriage wagon tippler

④ Transfer platform

⑤ Car pusher

As a large measurement loading system, rapid quantitative loading station will accurately load bulk material like coal and mine into vehicle and trains, which focuses intelligent recognition, automatic weighing, sampling and report data processing, and remote diagnosis system together. lt’s advantage is rapid loading, high weighing precision, low maintenance cost and long service life.
It focuses functions of intelligent identification, automatic and precise weighing, rapid loading, automatic sampling, automatic data report processing and remote fault diagnosis, with the advantages of fast loading, precise weighing, low maintenance cost and long service life.

Hydraulic flap unloading machine unloads bulk material from vehicles automatically, which is with a large unloading tonnage, short unloading time, reliable operation and simple control. It has been widely used In coal, terminal, chemical engineering and grain unloading industries.

Screw/ Chain bucket unloading machine unloads coal with a high efficiency, which unloads coal from railway freight cars rapidly and reduces the residence time of railway trains. It has been widely used in coal, metallurgy, chemical engineering and building material industries for bulk material of coal, sand, lime unloading, which can be divided into screw unloading machine and chain bucket unloading machine





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