The product is a mobile handling, stacking and disassembly of special equipment, contains a number of patented technology. The folding boom is used to overcome the easy rotation and no pressure during the operation of the crane when the soft cable is lifted, but the effect of the material grabbing is not so poor.

Mainly used in railway, port, wharf loading and unloading operations, material yard loading and unloading and stacking, disassembly operations; for different loading and unloading materials, can replace different grippers for operation, the realization of a multi-use machine. The choice of “dual-power” system with internal combustion engine and 380V Electric interchange operation, the use of engine drive operation can be fast transition, in the fixed place with optional motor drive operation, energy saving and consumption reduction, more cost savings.

Advantage and Strength
  • “Dual-power” interoperability, interlock (patented technology) device with internal combustion engine and 380V power alternating drive operation (optional);
  • Electric operation has overcurrent, overload, overheating, leakage protection device;
  • Phase sequence automatic identification to prevent oil pump reversal device;
  • Hydraulic system power outage, oil break self-locking, self-stop protection device;
  • There are many compound actions in the operation to improve the efficiency of the operation;
  • Hydraulic system installation has air-cooled heat dissipation;
  • Grip can be 360 degrees automatic rotation, commutative;
  • In the car control room electric operation, there are cold and warm dual-use air conditioning device;
  • The driver’s room is a controllable lifting type
Main technical parameters
Serial number Project Units Parameters
1 Machine Weight (including grip weight) Kg 50000
2 Axial load Front axle load Kg 30000
Rear axle load Kg 20000
3 Exterior dimensions of the whole machine Total length mm 15000
Total width mm 3500
Total height mm 3600
Wheelbase mm 3600
Tail turning radius mm 4500
Leg span Longitudinal mm 6000
Transverse mm 5400
4 Power parameters Engine power Kw 266
Engine speed r/min 2200
5 Hydraulic system Working pressure of main Oil road MPa 30
Main oil working flow L/min 300
Control type Hydraulic Pilot control
Hydraulic Tank capacity l 550
Work Range



Multi choices of attachment (Working tools)
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