Hybrid power 45 ton electric mining dump truck

DF45E new energy mining truck is the world’s largest new energy mining truck so far, the new energy mining truck can save the fuel 50-70% than general truck at complex mining area. Using the fuel-efficient mining truck, the original loss of mine transportation projects may become profitable.


◆Increasing the engine output net power: The engine is in a economic fuel consumption condition at 80-90% road condition in mining area. The engine output power size depends on intelligent automatic control system. Fan, water pump and air-conditioning compressor are driven by electricity, which will make engine net output power increase.

◆Engine automatic start-stop function: the new energy mining truck is started by electricity.It needs engine to work when the mining truck is driven or the battery need to charge, the engine will start automatically, if not need to work, the engine will automatic stop or dormant.

◆Engine rated power reduced by half: For energy storage systems supported, the engine rated power of DF45E new energy mining truck just is a half of the same traditional mining truck.

◆Braking energy recycling: A half working condition of mining area can be used for energy recovery. And super electricity can ensure instantaneous power output.

◆Start:the engine does not work, only motor uses the low speed high torque to make the truck started.

◆Climbing: it drive the truck through engine drives generator and battery to supply power to traction motor.

◆Downhill: the engine shut down not to work. The energy of mining truck downhill will drive motor to produce electricity to charge the battery, at same time, the motor will have a slow effect on the mining truck.

◆Uniform: the engine works in economic fuel consumption area, when the engine output power is more than the mining truck needed power, excess power will drive the generator to charge the battery.

◆Acceleration: the motor with maximum power drive the mining truck, engine provides parts of power to assist the mining truck acceleration.

◆Slow: engine shuts down not to work, braking will drive motor to charge the battery.

◆Energy management: the engine start-stop, storage battery charging and discharging, traction motor traction and recycling energy according to the state of mining truck automatic control.

◆Driving management: driving and braking work through electronic pedal instructions, they receive the instruction and driving system and braking system will make corresponding reaction.

◆Diagnostic management: background can receive the data through wireless transmission to show the power system working state, which can realize remote diagnosis and control.

◆Safety management: when the environment and other conditions do not conform to the requirements of the main components work, will have alarm prompt or direct command the mining truck to stop working.

◆TPMS is the currently only to provide effective monitor tire pressure and tire temperature equipment at any time. . Timely monitor the change of the tire temperature and pressure at ordinary times, if you have any abnormal situation occurs, through the host receiving to abnormal warning. Make sure that the tires in a reasonable pressure and temperature under the condition of operation, to reduce fuel consumption, increase the tire life.

◆Tire pressure in the case of insufficient, easy to increase the wear of the tire and reduce the life and increase the chance of a flat tire. If tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the tire grip. Tire pressure reduce every 3 psi about increased by more than 1% fuel consumption.Generally thought a 25% increase in the tire pressure to reduce tire life about 15-20%, tire pressure reducing 25% tire life to reduce about 30%. Vehicle tire temperature is higher, the lower the strength of the tire, the greater the deformation, tire wear also will increase accordingly, also follow to reduce service life.

◆According to our test results, if finished the same amount of mining area transportation, DF45E new energy mining truck fuel consumption just is general truck about 30%.

◆The three yeas save the fuel cost can purchase a brand-new DF45E new energy mining truck.

◆Supplied financial leasing, the financing costs is same as the saving fuel cost, so there is no burden of heavy investment to use the high-tech mining truck.






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