Wagon cleaning equipment

The equipment is used for clearing the residual materials after unloading the bulk materials of the train
The train residual material clearing machine is a device specially developed by the company for the clearance of surplus materials after unloading the train. It effectively solves the problem of clearing the bulk material at home and abroad, and can be used for clearing work with any unloading equipment. Reduce the difficulty of manual clearance, reduce labor costs, and more importantly, reduce personal safety hazards.
The train residual material clearing machine transports the surplus material by means of cleaning, concentrating, lifting, conveying, etc.
Outside the car, at the same time with the movement and hydraulic control system of the gantry, all the remaining materials at the four corners and the bottom of the car can be cleaned, which can reduce the cost of manual clearance and material loss.
Maximum clearance diameter of material: 100mm

Wagon cleaning equipment
Universal design drawing
  • 1. The clearance machine is a standard model. The discharging level is non­rotating and the position of the discharging port is fixed. According to the site, it can be selected as follows: straddling single train line, straddling double train line, single-side horizontal discharging, double-side horizontal discharging and so on.
  • 2. Span S and extension length L can be changed according to the needs of the site.
  • 3. If customers have special needs or the factory area is complex, the company can issue reasonable design scheme according to the actual situation.





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