The wagon can be operated on railway with customer requirement’s track gauge, mainly for transporting mineral material. The flat wagon is mainly used to transport 20′ and 40′ containers.

The flat wagon has the advantage of light tare weight, heavy loading capacity, carrying various containers, and high running speed.

Main features

The container flat wagon is used to carry one 30T (IA,IAA)container or two 20T containers(IC,ICC)

We can design and manufacture all types of railway container flat wagon, which can meet the requirements of the intermodal services for railway, highway and marine. It has the advantages of convenience, safety, high efficiency and save package.




The main technical specification of general flat wagon is following:

  • Loading Capacity(t)  70
  • Tare Weight(t)  23.8
  • Axle Load(t)  23
  • Length(mm)  16366
  • Width(mm)   3157
  • Height(mm)  1418
  • Speed(km/h)  120
  • Min Radius of Curvature(m)  145
  • Bogie:  K5 bogie or K6 bogie





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