The High Position Hydraulic Excavator is mainly used in station, port, metallurgy, coal and goods yard for loading and unloading, transfer, cleaning (such as cleaning goods frozen layer in winter), clean the train wagons flat top or crushing in construction work, it is a large handling equipment with high efficiency continuous working.

The features of the High Position Hydraulic Excavator as below:

The turning radius is big, widely range of application, efficient production, energy saving and environment protection. It can work flexible across above automobiles, trains packing case and goods, and finish the work of lifting, loading and unloading and cleaning, etc under all kinds of complex environment.

Equipment body frame (Undercarriage)

Gentry-track type

Double-column two railway cross Double-Equipment gentry type

Non gentry-type

Traveling Gear ( Track shoes )

Hydraulic crawler

Hydraulic Railroad track

Safety protection

There are handles, slip proofed stairs and floors on all of personnel walking ways from track, to ladler, working platform all way up to driver cabin to insure the safety of the work personnel.

Working mechanism ( Front equipment)

For different reaches and applications, we could provide variable choice for purpose designed and built booms, the booms are designed and manufactured with the possibility to be mounted with quick coupling system, so the different work tools could be changed quickly and effectively.


Standard reach L=8~15m


Long reach L=15~20m


Super long reach L=20~25m

Industrial attachment
Multi choices of attachment (Working tools)
Reality pictures




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