Involve in multiple patents and adapt to such bulk materials as coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, gasohol derived from cassava, mineral powder and cement.

Enclosed type vertical spiral unloading machine is the high-tech product developed by CCMIE Company through decades of researches, has won a variety of national patents and is consisted of electrical control equipment, vertical spiral, feeding & warehouse clearance device, horizontal spiral for discharging, cart operation mechanism, portal, driving cab and other parts.

Its outstanding features include: except for the feed inlet and discharge outlet, the passage for material circulation is completely enclosed. Its working state is different from that of others: the feeding & warehouse clearance device is inserted certain depth into the materials, which will be peeled off layer by layer by the rational matching with the operation parameters of each mechanism; as a result, it has greatly lowered the air pollution from dust and will hardly cause any loss.

Enclosed vertical spiral unloading machine is a kind of epoch-making high-tech equipment specially developed for railway bulk material unloading, is appropriate to a series of bulk materials of coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, gasohol derived from cassava, mineral powder and cement and wins high reputation in the industry as soon as it is launched due to its environment protection, efficiency, energy saving and safety.

General Characteristics
  1. Portal traveling:

With over three decades of crane manufacturing experience and on the basis of the traveling experience of portal crane, it is of autonomic deviation rectification during curve traveling

  1. Wind resistance

Its center of gravity is balanced, and the wind resistance under working condition is no less than Level 8

  1. Traveling limit

Double-limiting stopper for photoelectric machinery is installed, to ensure that no collision will occur during equipment traveling

  1. Driving cab safety

The driving cab is safe and comfortable, with broad vision, intelligent operation and enclosed type material circulation; therefore, no dust pollution will be generated and personnel physical and psychological health could be ensured

Free from carriage collision and abrasion in unloading

  1. Unloading speed

Single-set: Take C70 carriage as an example. At present, the unloading efficiency of the unloading machine could be limited within 9 min, about 550m3/h

Multiple-set: working team(s) could be formed, to satisfy kiloton level working efficiency of large goods yard

  1. Few material residual:

Currently, the residual produced by each set of unloading machine is about 1 ton; it is allowed either to coordinate with artificial warehouse clearance or to optionally equip with warehouse clearance devices.

  1. Dust removal for material collection:

The revolving speed of material collector is slow, so that no dust will be rolled up during material collection. If necessary, dedicated dust removal equipment may be used, to ensure that the dust will not be distributed and wasted in the process.

  1. Material circulation is enclosed:

Vertical spiral and horizontal spiral types are all enclosed types and the whole process of material circulation is free of fugitive dust to result in environment pollution.

  1. Material discharge:

Material discharged can be directly sent to belt conveyor, goods van or goods yard and it is allowed to optionally equip retractable type discharge hole, to minimize dust pollution in the process of material falling.

  1. Low power utilization

The whole unloading machine is of frequency control and lower energy consumption. The maximum output power of the machine is about 221kw.

  1. Saved cost

The cost incurred due to unloading by this equipment is nearly RMB 300 lower per set than the standard of RMB 336/set designated by the Ministry of Railways (RMB 5.6/ t* 60t/set). All in all, one-time investment can bring long-term benefits.

Tracks for original chain bucket type unloading machine and horizontal spiral unloading machine can be directly used for this model and substitution can be perfectly realized without new foundation.

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